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Training Program: Proposal Writing For Foundations/Corporations

Learn with the Masters

For more than 30 years, Jane Geever (noted author of The Foundation Center’s Guide To Proposal Writing) and her team of senior consultants have helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations build successful grantseeking programs through a proven, effective method.

Our team of experienced, talented professionals can help you too through an intensive, two-month writing course designed to teach you to write an effective proposal.

Our two-month course features:

  1. Seven 2½ hour classes held weekly at our offices in New York City
  2. Learning in a small group (maximum of ten students per class)
  3. Hands-on writing assignments, reviewed by our senior professionals
  4. Guiding you to develop one compelling project proposal for use by your non-profit organization

As part of your training you will receive:

  1. A detailed work book
  2. The Guide To Proposal Writing (5th edition)
  3. Thank You For Submitting Your Proposal by Martin Teitel

Who Should Attend

  1. Non-profit development professionals seeking to enhance and enrich skills
  2. Professionals new to the non-profit development field
  3. Executive directors and program staff who want to understand better what goes into proposals for the private sector

COST: $2,000 per participant, inclusive of materials

For more information, contact:
Cathleen Cogswell, Account Executive
212-925-5800 ext.17 or cathleen@jcgeever.com