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Our Services


J.C. Geever, Inc. offers an “a la carte menu” of consulting services, to augment your own efforts with our expertise and years of experience.

For example, if you are pursuing Foundation and Corporate Grants, we can assist you with:

  • Assessing your programs and identifying the right ones to present to potential funders
  • Writing effective proposals, based on information provided by your organization
  • Editing proposals that have been drafted by your organization
  • Conducting research to identify and target the best prospects for your proposal
  • Developing strategies for approaching potential funders that will give your agency a competitive edge
  • Coaching you through the process of grantseeking – from the first contact to handling the funder’s response

If your organization is working on Individual Giving, we can assist you with:

  • Helping you develop the best case for a major gift
  • Helping you to identify the best prospects to be asked
  • Training your staff or volunteers in the “art of the ask”
  • Coaching staff or volunteers through the solicitation process – from determining what to ask, to the first telephone call, through the thank you note

For more information about customized consulting services, e-mail us or call 212-925-5800.